“Three Things We Learned” from Boys Basketball vs. Hopkins Dec. 13, 2013

Three Observations from Hamilton Boys Varsity Basketball vs Hopkins

The Hamilton boys also took to the court on Friday night to take on Hopkins, and like the girls they were able to pull out a dominating win. They took the game by the score of 76 – 46, and, in that win three things stood out about the team they were, the team’s dominate offense, the team’s ability to control the game, and their ability to adjust to their opponents.

First,  we learned was that the team’s offense can be absolutely dominant. The final score does this idea the most justice, they quite nearly put up 80 points in Friday’s game. That number, in large part, comes from the team’s increased ability to pass and move the ball around. They were able to get most of the team involved in the offense and, not have to rely on one player. But, they were helped by a big performance from Grant Wolfram, who put up 20 points on the night and led the team in scoring.

Secondly, they have the ability to control the game, and sustain a lead throughout. At no point in this game did they have to play from behind after starting out on a 5-0 run they never looked back. This is partly because of their ability to not let Hopkins get any significant runs going on them. And, that came from the team’s tough defense and physical play that caused plenty of turnovers, and missed shots from Hopkins.

Lastly, we learned that they have the ability to adjust to their opponents and not allow their opponents to catch them. This was seen in the beginning of the second half when Hopkins was able to adjust on defense, and give Hamilton a hard time scoring at the pace they were earlier. But the team was able to adjust, and they were able to continue scoring at will and would eventually go on to win by 30.

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