An In-Depth look at Jordan Pikaart’s Spike

Jordan Pikaart is one of Hamilton’s top volleyball players. She has won numerous awards, including an honorable-mention for all-state. She is known for many things but, her best volleyball skill is her incredible kill. She spikes the ball at an incredible 63 miles per hour, this is about double the average high school girl’s spike. This is also about the same speed of a spike as a professional player. Also, keep in mind that she was able to stay in this same speed range the entire day. This speed wasn’t an outlier that was higher than the other speeds.


Speed is easy to put into perspective, just think of things that travel at a similar speed as the ball. The easiest way to see how fast the ball is going is thinking that the ball is traveling about 10 miles per hour faster than you would drive your car down a country road. Also, she is spiking the ball at 15 miles per hour faster than an average fast-pitch high school softball pitch.


In order to spike the ball at that speed she puts about 50 lbs. of force on the ball. Keep in mind that she is doing this while she is more than a foot off of the ground. So, this feat would be like lifting 50 lbs. while none of your body was connected to the ground to help you lift the weight up, which is incredibly impressive. The typical adult compound bow takes about 50 lbs. to pull back. So, she is creating the same force by simply hitting the ball, not pulling back on a bow.


Between the speed and the force of the spike, science can really help show how incredible of an accomplishment Jordan’s spike really is, and how she is not just one of Hamilton’s top volleyball players, but one of Hamilton’s top athletes.


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