How the Hawkeye mascot came to be!

by Nate Mulder

Have you ever wondered why our school logo is the Hawkeye, or who even came up with the idea of Hamilton Schools being the “Hawkeyes”?  The Hamilton sports teams are identified as “The Hamilton Hawkeyes.” No matter if we are playing a school sport or  going to state for Science Olympiad or just sitting in a class room doing our work, we are still known as the Hawkeyes.

In November of 1960, the kids of Hamilton were to pick between logos. The logos they had to choose from were the Hawkeyes, Rockets, Huskies, or Hornets. They came to a decision of being the Hawkeyes. Our first Hawkeye logo called the original Hawkeye was originated in 1961. Then the athletic director at the time had a daughter who created a new Hawkeye called the Running Hawkeye. She took the original Hawkeye and modernized it in 1977.

In 1989, we came up with the Tigerhawk. It was the same logo as the Iowa Hawkeyes at the time. In June of 1999, football coach, Terry Stehle was upset because he couldn’t get the Hamilton Hawkeye logo imprinted on to the football helmets due to copyright of the Iowa Hawkeye logo. This caused us to have to change our logo again for the 3rd time. In 2000, Hamilton held a art contest for the best logo. This is how we came up with the present Hawkeye.

After so many different Hawkeye logos we have finally found one that’s here to stay! Our own logo that unites us as a community and as a school. We are well known for being the Hawkeyes and when people see our logo they immediately know that we are from Hamilton because we have our own distinctive logo! So wear the Hamilton Hawkeye logo with pride!

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