Pool of Possibility: Alec Nyboer

Ever since his introduction to swimming nearly ten years ago, Alec Nyboer has loved competing in the pool.  He is not discouraged by the arduous, physically demanding nature of the sport.  Nor is he intimidated by difficult competitors from other schools.  He enjoys being in the water, and has put in the effort to not only stay there, but to become a distinguished member of Hamilton’s Swim and Dive program.

“The sky’s the limit,” Coach Talsma said, predicting two more successful seasons for Nyboer, who is currently a sophomore. Combining hard work with natural ability in the water, Nyboer is a strong asset to the 2013-2014 swim program. The young swimmer is striving to make a strong impression at state later this year.  Already a veteran of the 100 Fly, 100 Back, 200 IM, and the 100 Free, Alec Nyboer is poised to go nowhere but up this swim season.   Speed and power in the aforementioned events have shaved his time down to within seconds of the school and state records for the 100 Fly, the former of which he was only a single second from breaking last year.

Talsma also commended Nyboer’s encouraging disposition, noting how he pushes the other swimmers every practice.  He makes everyone want to be faster in the water, Talsma said.  It appears that Nyboer has not only positively influenced his own budding swim career, but also the careers of those around him.

Nyboer is anxious about the 4×1 relay event, a particularly difficult race. Whichever team comes out on top of the race will probably be the holder of the state record, Nyboer said.  Achieving this would be an important milestone for the team, and a punctuation mark on Hamilton’s strong performance thus far.

Nyboer brings both skill and determination to the table, a potent mix that is guaranteed to improve his standing within the sport.  He appreciates Talsma’s encouraging style of coaching, and his general attitudes toward the sport.  “He helps us realize our full potential,” Nyboer said.  Alec has plenty of time to realize his own potential before his time at Hamilton is up.  He looks forward to getting faster and tapering specifically to break the record of the 100 Fly.

We here at CHS wish Alec, Coach Talsma, and the entire swim program luck as they dig in for the thick of their competition in the coming weeks.





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