Spinning Victories: D.J. Dan VanHekken Leads Girls Basketball Program

By Daria Wedeven

Teacher, coach, DJ, and role model are all words that begin to describe Dan VanHekken. Juggling the jobs of a girls varsity coach, gym teacher, and a DJ, he lives a pretty hectic lifestyle. That plus being a father of three, his free time is very little. But when asked what he does with the free time he does have, he spends all of it with his family.

As a child, he really had no idea what he wanted to do for a career in his later years. It wasn’t until college that he found the perfect fit for himself. Being involved in sports his whole life, it was just a natural decision to keep that going in choosing the career of a gym teacher. The coaching came shortly after, after realizing his love for basketball.

His side job as a DJ started as he was finishing up high school. His younger brother had a friend who was in the Student Council and needed a DJ for their high school dance and knew that Dan VanHekken would be interested in fulfilling this position. After that, his hobby took off. Sadly, he is thinking about slowing this down in the next year or two because of his active family that is highly involved in many sports. As a gym teacher by day and DJ by night, the biggest difference for him is the time of day that they require.

“Late nights of DJing does not favor a teacher’s early morning schedule,” says VanHekken. But if asked he wouldn’t be able to favor any one of these jobs over the other. Because of the late nights, he is losing time with his family and is thinking about slowing down his DJing career.

No matter what job he is doing at the time, VanHekken always possesses the same characteristic in everything that he does. He is always positive in a way that he’s fun to be around.

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