Tock Keeps Hamilton Athletics Ticking

By: Ayla DeJong and Zoie Driy

Some of you might not know the Hamilton athletic trainer Alicia Tock. She’s very committed to her work. On top of her day job as a physical therapist at West Michigan Rehab, Alicia comes everyday and enjoys working with the injured players.

Alicia does a lot besides just caring for injured players. She also tries to prevent the most injuries she can. She does the books at the basketball games, she does paperwork, orders the sport supplies,  and she builds workout programs for the Hamilton athletes. Alicia does a lot to help improve our teams and it is much appreciated.

With her coming every day after school and to all the sports events she has dealt with a lot of injuries. She has helped with a lot of minor injuries, but her worst one was a knee dislocation. All sports have tons of injuries, but football has the most because of how many people play. Because football is the most injured sport, Alicia travels to all the away games also.

Alicia has been a trainer for the past decade. Starting out Alicia did not see herself as an athletic trainer until high school. Now she has been an athletic trainer at three other schools: Gull Lake High School, Wayland High School, Otsego High School, and now Hamilton.  What brought her to Hamilton? It just so happens that her company partners with Hamilton High and asked her to come to Hamilton and be the trainer.  She now has been the  athletic trainer for four or five  years.

Alicia is a great contributor to Hamilton’s sports programs.  Whether she is helping an injured athlete, filling out paperwork or ordering supplies, she is really committed and loves her job.

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