A Rural Sochi: Hamilton Floor Hockey Tournament Earns Rave Reviews

by Megan VandenBerg

As the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi came to an end, so does the first ever ThunderHawk floor hockey tournament. Mr. Weed is the commander in charge of the floor hockey tournament.

“I thought it would be fun to do something athletic in the long winter. Timing it with the olympics was just perfect,” Mr. Weed said about what inspired him to do the tournament.

The turnout was huge.  More than 200 kids signed up and a total of 19 teams battled it out, each team lead by one teacher. Mr. Weed was amazed at the turnout. “It was more than expected.” At the beginning of lunch, the six teams playing that day would go down to the gym and join up with their team and play a 12 minute game. If you weren’t playing you could go up on the track and watch the 3 ongoing games.

With only six A-lunch teams, it was less of a difficult road  for Mr. Behnke and Mrs. Kapenga’s teams to advance to the “gold’ medal game.  Mrs. Kapenga’s team was lead by their goalie, Logan Sloan. During pool play they won their first game and lost their second game. However, they weren’t discouraged by that loss winning the semi-final game to make it to the gold medal game.

“Behnke’s team played fair, played tough, and it was a great match,” Kapenga said about the gold medal game. Mr. Behnke’s team was just a little better winning the gold medal in overtime with a goal from Tyler Geurink, 2-1. His team was great during pool play and bracket play. Jake Kessler, the goalie, was tremendous. The only goal he let in was the Kapenga’s teams lone goal.

B-lunch teams had a tougher battle; thirteen teams with all the desire to win. With so many teams and not enough teachers, some teachers had to play on two teams. After a two week long battle; Mr. Bochenek and Mr. LeFere’s A teams emerge out on top. Mr. Lefere was one of those teachers who was two teams. Each team played hard and had a lot of fun in the gold medal game. The ending result was a close game with Bochenek’s team on top winning 1-0 from a goal by Grant Wolfram.

“We had our opportunities to score just as the other team did. The only difference is that they were able to capitalize,” Lefere said about the game. “I want to thank Mr. Weed and the Olympic Competition Committee. They did a wonderful job putting this event on,” he added.
The winning teams of the tournament each received a free admission to the ThunderHawk skating night at the Edge Ice Arena in Holland.

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