All Good Things: Swim Season Comes to an End

Written by Breanna Hinds

With the winter season coming to an end, the state swim and dive meet is coming up. The Hamilton Men’s Swim team has many men qualified to be in this major meet. The state meet is on March seventh and eighth in Holland.  Competing against them will be East Grand Rapids, St. Joe, Chelsea. They are in a good spot to be in the top ten again, having taken sixth last year. As of right now state qualifiers are Austin Fogerty, Alec Nyboer, Matt Oonk, Aaron Smit,Ryan Underwood, and Ryan VanOss. Which some there might be more able to qualify later on.

The Swim and Dive team has done well throughout the season with the record of 6-3. They have only lost 3 meets overall. Throughout the season the swim team has competed against some of the top teams. Coming back from Christmas break, it was a rough week back in the pool. Even though the snow days have limited their time in the pool, the guys are staying in shape and ready to compete and compete well. The team is practicing during mornings, and spend long afternoons in the pool. They are working hard to swim fast, and beat as many teams as they can.

The season ending is making it hard on the team. The team is losing some of its senior leaders. They have been on there since they were young and still learning how to swim with the right techniques, breathing, and everything else. The state meet is the last time these men will be swimming as part of the Hamilton Hawkeye Team. The seniors that are on the team are Derrick Deyarmond, Matt Miller, Aaron Smit, and Zach VanGoor. Next year without them on the team, it will affect the program in different ways. Even though these members on the team are important, it will be okay because of the potential that each and every young swimmer has coming into each season. Talsma said, “Yes, it will affect us but we have guys that are getting near being able to step up and fill their roles.” The seniors are leaving high school, but carrying out the Hamilton Men’s Swim team legacy, while becoming bigger and better men.

The top competitors for the Hamilton team are Chelsea and East Grand Rapids, both very strong teams.  Also Cranbrook-Kingswood is right there and then St. Joe is probably the 4th best team in D3. We have competed with these teams before, and they outscored us.  These teams have more guys on the team with a lot of potential to score in each meet adding to the team total. The Hamilton schools don’t have as many guys as they do, making the other teams stronger being able to have more members in a race or dive, having a high chance to score. Hamilton may not have as many men, but we have just as much potential if each and every swimmer and diver puts 100% of their effort. Just like the week after Christmas break, it will be a hard week to make a transition in the sport. That was hard, but The Hawkeyes put their effort into it, and improved due to their dedication. With that being said, since the team has been in the pool as much as they can, the team has gotten stronger, faster, and ready for the state.

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