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Shifting focus from the frozen township Hamilton to the frozen “wonderlands” of Russia, CHS staff writers Nick Grifhorst and Grant LeFaive offer up their own brand of coverage of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics.  Halfway around the world, some of the best athletes of our generation are currently competing for Olympic gold in such events as downhill skiing, snowboarding, and ice dancing.  Years of assiduous training and lifetimes of dreaming of Olympic gold will culminate in these events.

This article will not be about any of those events.  Or the medals.

This piece is dedicated instead to the most obscure and fascinating going-ons in Sochi.

Opening Ceremony Gear:

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The Belgians can be credited with bringing one of the few uniforms that athletes actually might want to be photographed in.  Sharp grey sport jackets, lined with crimson accents and completed with some comfy-looking pants, secures Belgium’s status as the most stylish olympic team.

Most Boring Sport To Watch:

We decided to go with a Canadian dominant sport here. Curling is a sport in which you push the “rock” towards the “house”. The goal is to get the rock to the center of the house well the other teammates sweep in front of the rock to make sure the path is smooth. It’s just as boring to watch as it sounds.  The jury is still out as to whether or not it even is a real sport.  However, props for it being one of the few things to move Canadians to anger.

The Best Winter Olympic Site Of All Time:

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We are kind of biased on this one, but we decided to go with Salt Lake City. We won’t go in depth about the scandals leading up to it, but the 2002 Olympics were some of the most successful ever. Salt Lake City had some of the best sites for several of the events, the only bad thing about the Olympics is that Canada swept the US in both men’s and women’s hockey.

The Most Awesome Olympic Sport:

When it comes to being awesome, Olympic athletes may have an edge up on most people.  Part of their capacity for being cool comes with the sweet sports they participate in.  Or, in this case, two events rolled into one.  The appropriately-titled Biathlon involves two exciting pastimes; shooting things and skiing.  Scored on the basis of both accuracy with a .22 Long Rifle and skiing ability, it is a very interesting twist on two standalone sports.

Team To Root For In The Olympics:

When it comes to the Winter Olympics many people think of Canada, the US and sometimes if they think really hard Norway, as dominate teams, but we don’t care about any of them, because it’s all about JAMAICA!!!! The Jamaicans are more of a feel good story then anything when it comes to the Winter Olympics. Everyone loves watching the Jamaican Bobsledding team barreling down the track going out of control. They are the inspiration for one of the greatest movies of all time, “Cool Runnings”.

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Scariest Olympic Sport:

Downhill ski jumping and snowboarding are intimidating, but they have nothing on The Skeleton.  Named for all it will leave you with if you mess it up, it involves a lighting-fast downhill run on a tiny sled.  With only a few centimeters between the athlete’s face and the ground, it is not a sport for the faint of heart.

The Olympics are a celebration of athletic prowess and ability.  We here at Covering Hawkeye Sports would like to take the time to acknowledge the struggles, triumphs, and endeavors of some of the greatest athletes of our time as they compete for Olympic gold halfway around the world.

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