Fresh New Coach for the Freshman Team

by Ayla DeJong

Tyler Robinson has a very busy life from coaching boys freshman basketball, boys varsity soccer,  JV girls soccer, and teaching English. This is his first year of coaching freshman basketball with Hamilton Athletics. When asked what was the worst part of coaching has been this season Robinson said “It has been my personal adjustment to a lack of natural light.”  When the position to coach Freshman boys basketball this year came up Robinson noted,  “It was only natural for me to gravitate toward this current coaching position” he said. He has played basketball his whole life and loves watching the sport.

This is his first time in ten years of coaching and teaching that he has coached all three seasons, so its taking some time to get use to. It might be hard coaching all three seasons but Robinson has his priorities straight and knows how to manage his time. Robinson has no complaints he loves teaching and coaching equally.  “Coaching and teaching are one in the same” he said. In both coaching and teaching you have to use communication, motivation, and encouragement.

Robinson played soccer, basketball and lacrosse at Lansing Waverly High School. After graduating High School Robinson moved on to play soccer as a goalkeeper at MSU for 5 years. Besides playing soccer in college Robinson majored in History and minored in English. Even though he played soccer he can not decide what sport he likes to coach the most. “They’re all pretty equal.” said Robinson. Its his first year coaching boys basketball but he hopes there will be many more.

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