Getting to Know the Opponents for Thursday’s Wrestling Team Districts

by Eric Peterson

This year’s varsity wrestling team districts for Hamilton are on Thursday February 6th at Hamilton High School.  Hamilton is wrestling against Middleville TK first, then if they win, they will likely wrestle Byron Center.  We have already wrestled against both teams this year, defeating Middleville 38-34 and losing to Byron Center in a very close match, 39-38.

Right away there is going to be a big matchup between Logan Welcher and Chris Poland of Middleville.  Chris Poland is ranked at number seven in the 119 weight class and a two-time returning state placer.  Logan is officially ranked in the 119 weight class as third in the state. Logan and Chris have not wrestled each other so this will be a huge start and could set the tone for the entire match.

Logan Welcher has wrestled and defeated former number two in the state for the 119 weight class Jake Busing of Byron Center.  Logan was ranked seventh in the state at the 125 weight class until this victory which bumped him up to number three in the state at the 119 weight class. The loss dropped Jake from second to fourth in the 119 weight class.

In the match against Middleville earlier this year, there was a very exciting close match at the 103 weight class where Zach Carlson lost by decision 17-18, which Coach Gregg Stoel believes can go either way this time and could be a key deciding factor if this is a close match like earlier this year.  In the team’s last match, there were two wrestlers that lost close matches by decision that Coach Stoel believes the team can turn into wins to have a great chance at winning the district this year.

Coach Stoel said, “Preparing for two teams is sometimes difficult because what are good matchups in the first match aren’t necessarily good matchups in the second match”.  In the recent matches for Hamilton, there have been some close matches in the middle weight classes that can be deciding factors for this year’s division match.

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