Hawkeye Senior Wrestlers: A Look Back At Their Contributions

by Sebastian Timm

At the end of the season of every sport a team loses great contributors. They must find others that will fill in their shoes and do what the previous seniors had done. Some teams are able to do that better than others. At the end of this season the Hamilton Hawkeye wrestling team will lose seven seniors. Coach Stoel said “ It is very difficult to fill in the shoes of seniors…it is very tough to work with the different weight classes.”

As tough of a challenge it will be to replace the seniors, they will have to replace one of the most dominant wrestlers in Hawkeye history. Logan Welcher went through challenges his freshman year, but eventually got on his feet and recorded 100+ wins in his career.

The seniors didn’t do things to benefit themselves, they also had to get the others to be like them. The seniors brought a lot of energy to the team, which has allowed their teammates to learn everything they need to reach their full potential.

Coach Stoel saw something out of his seniors that he hopes to see out of upcoming wrestlers for his team. Logan Welcher was a wrestler that always seeked out tougher competition. Logan decided to wrestle against one of the best wrestlers in the conference from Byron Center. Logan always jumped around in his weight classes whether it was 119 pounds to 125 pounds.

Coach Stoel saw great loyalty out of seniors Bryan Pieper and Tyler Cullen. Both of them had difficult times at points in their wrestling careers, but they never gave up as they always tried to improve. Coach Stoel said “They were very loyal wrestlers, and showed a lot of faith”.

Drew Boerman was the team’s captain, and he never gave up. He may have gone through some hard times, but he never gave up. Drew wrestled since Elementary school and fell in love with it, as he wrestled ever since.

Corey Hassevoort is another dominant wrestler that will be a difficult replacement for the team. Corey made it to state individual finals with fellow senior teammate Logan Welcher. Coach Stoel said this about Corey “ There is nobody at state that he can’t beat”. Corey was a wrestler that didn’t even wrestle freshman year, but started as a sophomore.

The final two senior wrestlers are Connor Dams and Jeremy Parkhurst. Jeremy was somebody that was willing to do anything that would benefit the team, even if that means switching weight classes. Jeremy came to Hamilton as a Junior, in which Coach Stoel said that he could have conquered the 100 win milestone if he wrestled for Hamilton his whole high school career. Connor Dams is someone that got better every year, as he turned his final season into a 30+ win season.

Finally with the two seniors that are going to state individual finals Coach Stoel said this “They should feel that they will get on the podium at the end of the match.” So there it is, a look at all the seniors, we thank them for everything they have done for the Hawkeyes and hope that everyone learned very well from them and show it in the future.

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