Petroelje Drives His Team to Victory

With thirteen years of experience, Coach Eric Petroelje has had many successful seasons in his career. This year, he led his JV basketball team to a record of 9-10. As a junior varsity coach, he readies his players for their varsity careers and has a great time doing it. Being able to see a group grow together as a team and achieving their goals through hard work is something that motivates him to keep doing what he does. He helps the team develop skills from beginning to end with discipline and respect.

He’s learned these standards from the way he grew up. Playing football, basketball, tennis and track he was familiarized with standards like this at a young age. Being a teacher he tries to incorporate those into his everyday career. “The biggest difference between coaching and teaching is motivation. You have explanation, demonstration, imitation, correction and repetition, some love it other are middle of the road with it,” says Petroelje when asked the biggest difference between his two professions. Most athletes if not all want to be there, their motivation it what makes them want to win.

When Coach Petroelje isn’t teaching or coaching students, he is on the road with them. The owner of Prestige Driving school, he teaches and guides students to learn how to drive. Before fulfilling his careers, he was highly involved in sports as was said before. Surprisingly with his eight years of athletics Petroelje has never broken a bone. And hopes the same for his team. With his schedule, most people would start to slow down when more and more things get added to his plate. However, Petroelje does the opposite and continues to perform all of his jobs with a smile on his face.

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