Point-Counterpoint: Marco and Tony Talk Top Sports

What is the best winter team at Hamilton High School?

Almost half of the season is done and Covering Hawkeye Sports reporters have chosen their favorite teams in our school. Marco Toresan exposes the reasons why he thinks the boys basketball team is the best, while Tony Alderink tells us why the wrestlers are the best representing our community this winter. You can make your conclusions yourself after reading this article.

“Boys Basketball is the best varsity team in the winter season.”

From all varsity sports in the winter season, I believe that the boys basketball team is the best. That is because of something they have plenty of, potential and determination to improve.

Watching almost every game this season, I noticed that this team gives everything of themselves during the whole game. It doesn’t matter what the score is. It doesn’t matter whether they are winning or losing. They are always going to fight and give their best. Regardless of what happens on the court they’ll keep their intensity. The new Coach Haverdink and his “WE” program made the players united and willing to do whatever it takes to represent their teammates and their community.

Their record might not be the best this school has ever seen (5-7), however I believe they have a lot of potential to improve throughout the season. Analyzing their stats we come to what’s obvious. Their performance is directly related to the amount of times they shoot and score. In the games the boys basketball team won, they scored most of the time they shot. In the games they lost, they didn’t. It’s easier to correct your mistakes when you know what they are.

Coach Haverdink surely knows the guys need to improve on this matter. And those guys have incredible determination and the strength of will to correct what needs to be corrected in order to succeed in this season. Once they develop their shooting our boys basketball team will be hard to stop. They sure have the potential to achieve better records and room to upgrade. As season goes by their tendency is to prove that they are the best varsity team in Hamilton in the winter season.

     Written by Marco Toresan.

“Wrestlers are the best team in Hamilton.”

They’re tough, they’re strong, they’re dominant, and they’re the best team in Hamilton right now. The wrestlers finished second in the OK-Green conference, which has many good wrestling teams. Week in and week out, the wrestlers have dominated almost every team they’ve wrestled, out scoring opponents 472-218.

The wrestlers have also managed stay consistently good this season, placing first and second in almost all the quads and tournaments they’ve participated in. In one tournament at Hopkins, where 6 schools competed, Hamilton took 6 out of the 14 first place spots. There are two Hamilton wrestlers placed in the top 10 in the state in their weight classes; Trenton Holyfield is placed 7th, and Logan Welcher is placed 9th. Connor Dams has honorable mention, putting him in the top 12. This is impressive, considering how many people compete for one of those ten spots in their respective weight classes.

At 12-4, the wrestling team also has the best win-loss ratio of any team in Hamilton right now. Lastly, the wrestlers are a team filled with talent, with Logan Welcher just earning his 100th career win. Plus, they have two freshman wrestling at varsity level already, with three more years of varsity experience to learn, and are already really good. Those two things are a great combination.

For these reasons, the wrestling team is the best team in Hamilton right now. They compete well every week, dominate opponents, and still have room to improve this season.

    Written by Tony Alderink.

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