The Life of our Hawkeye

The Hawkeye takes the time to pose for a picture.

The Hawkeye takes the time to pose for a picture.

by Aaron Snay

It all started one windy day, in a forest not far from here. A hawkeye nest, precariously sitting atop a tree on the bank of a great river, flipped over and two baby hawks fell into the water.

They were quickly stopped by a fallen tree in the river and got caught in the dead branches. A pack of coyotes saw them struggling and thought they would make a good dinner. So they took advantage of the opportunity, and closed in. They snuck up from the woods and walked out onto the fallen tree. The birds frantically started trying to get away, but they were too tangled to escape. Then, just as the predators attacked, a thundering wave came crashing down and broke the hawkeyes away from the tree. The coyotes were tossed into the river and had to swim back to the river bank, robbed of their dinner.

For two days and two nights they floated down the river.  They finally came to the Rabbit River and the trestle. Some fishermen saw that they were in some trouble and snagged them out of the river, marvelling at the unknown birds. Knowing the Hamilton High School Science Department would be interested in the birds they immediately took them to the lab. The Science Department welcomed the hawks, tagged them, and examined them the next couple of days. They noticed that they were larger, stronger, and faster than any other documented bird of prey. One day one of the hawkeyes escaped out of the window and never came back. The Science Department was very upset that they had just lost one of the birds.

A week later they got a call from the University of Iowa about a bird they caught on their campus. They said that they were going to train the bird so it could be their mascot. So that got Hamilton thinking: should we have the hawkeye as our mascot too? So they put it to a vote and the students obviously picked the Hawkeye.

The Hawkeye is  now 53 years old. He is six foot three and weighs in at 185 pounds. He  enjoys going to Friday night football games to give out high fives to children and pumping up the crowd.  On the weekend, he hangs out with the Fennville Blackhawk and Hudsonville Eagle.

Even after 53 years, the Hawkeye is still a popular attraction at various sporting events in Hamilton. He is loved by fans of all ages. No matter what you believe about how the  Hawkeye came to be – he is surely here to stay. Go Hawks!

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