The Making of Hawkeye Gameday

This year the Hamilton launched a new class with the goal of Covering Hawkeye Sports from many different angles. One of the biggest events for the class was their Hawkeye Gameday. It was modeled off of ESPN’s, College Gameday, the only major difference is that unlike College Gameday that is held before the game, Hawkeye Gameday is held in between the boy’s and girl’s varsity games. A lot of time and effort goes into the preparation for the show with a 45 minute pre-production meeting to set the schedule and 2-3 hours required to just get the set ready.

After everything is ready the show begins. At the desk is sophomore Zeb Wilson, junior Trenton Kronemeyer and senior Hayden Smith. They discuss the girls game and then make their selections for all of the games in the area, all well the Hamilton student section cheers them on in the background. To encourage crowd participation there are rewards for things like the best prize or best costume.

Hawkeye Gameday was held three times this year with great success each time. Mark Behnke came up with the idea and is the teacher of the class, when I asked him about what he was proudest of about the class he said, “That we not only did it, but that those three at the desk and the staff learned how to work a live event.”

When I asked Sophomore Zeb Wilson about what he learned from the class he said that the class taught him responsibility, because he felt like he couldn’t let his classmates down after they had put in all the hard work for the show.

Mr. Behnke has big plans for the class next year hoping that the show will not only cover basketball games, but will also be held during the football games. The class will also try to improve the experience for the fans to help encourage more participation. The audio for the show will be improved for the show next year as well.

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