Unity Christian VS Hamilton- Curiosities and Stats

By Marco Toresan

The game between Unity Christian and Hamilton was supposed to happen on the 28th of January. However, Michigan had even more severe weather which made it impossible for people to get anywhere safely. So the game was rescheduled to the 12th of February and the team of Covering Hawkeye Sports decided to count stats and we came out with some curious facts.

The Hawkeyes didn’t start the game on their best form. In the first quarter Unity Christian outscored the Hawks with a score of 17-15. The second quarter was even worse. Our boys only scored 7 points while Unity Christian scored 13, opening the lead to eight points for Unity Christian. So the 1st half came to an end with the score of 30-22. So after the half ended, we all heard the refs blow their whistle 45 times.

The second half began and both teams kept on fighting. At the end of the game the teams combined for a total of 66 baskets made. The Hawkeyes started to play better defense entering the second half. The teams both scored 8 points in the third quarter, setting up a 8 point game going into the fourth. The Hawkeyes offense was on fire in the fourth quarter in which they scored 18 points, but they also allowed 17 points to Unity.

Nevertheless, time went by and the referee had to blow his whistle for the 55th time in the second half, which totaled for 100 in the game. It was not enough for the Hawkeyes.

The 219 people that attended saw a close game in which the Hamilton boys kept fighting until the end. Content with the victory, Unity Christian coach put the towel in his face (his characteristic action) 57 times during the entire game. Combined he and Coach Haverdink made 58 substitutions. The players cleaned their shoes 178 times in a game where we showed once more one of our best characteristics, determination. The loss of 55-48 represented the game well.

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