Windemuller makes name for himself as varsity manager

by Daria Wedeven

You may see the fourteen boys dressed and ready to play every game day. What you may not know is that there are fifteen players on the team. The boys varsity basketball manager Zach Windemuller has been with the team since middle school and continues to participate with the team in everything they do.  He began fulfilling his passion in eighth grade and started out with the 7th and 8th grade girls basketball with Mr. Arnold and soccer teams with Miss Steiper. Going into high school, he assisted Mr. Hoppe and Mr. Randall in their coaching of the freshmen football team.

“Basketball is a passion of mine, I like being around my peers,” added Zach when asked what made him want to start managing. One of the number one things Zach says about what he does is he always feels involved in all team activities. Every practice, every game, every team  event, he’s on the sidelines cheering the team on. “He’s just part of the team,” said seniors Connor Davis and Jordan Boeve.  He has the ability to show resiliency. One of the biggest contributions for Zach as a manager is that he gets to help out his community in a different way than many can. “Zach is an invaluable member of our team.  We consider Zach to be a  teammate more than a manager,” Coach Haverdink.

During practices, Zach runs the clock and knows how long each session is and serves as an encourager. “We have been lucky to have him his year and I am really hopeful that he wants to continue to be on the team next year,” said Coach. Zach is someone who’s most known as a person with the ability to keep trying. being a part of the team gives him the sense of being part of a big family.  The team makes sure that he feels included.Being the manager gives him the experience that many others don’t have. Students his age are just going through high school without leaving a stamp, Zach as a manager is making his name recognized in the Hamilton Community.

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