CHS Winter Season Awards

Best Finish:


-Girls varsity Basketball game at Hamilton vs Holland Christian

To many, the one thing that makes sports better is a tough battle between two bitter rivals, the thing that makes it even better than that is a close finish between those rivals. This year, archrivals Hamilton and Holland Christian met in a classic girls basketball battle. The game started slowly as Hamilton was able to start off on a 12-9 run. But, in the second quarter Holland Christian showed that they were willing to fight back as they started the second quarter on a 7-2 run. The Maroons took the lead into the second half as they led at the break 16-14. Ashley Overbeek caught fire in the second half as she helped lead the Hawkeyes with 15 second half points. She was also able to knock down clutch free throws as the Maroons tried to stop the clock as they fouled the Hawkeyes. Late in the game, as the Hawkeyes led 41-38 the Maroons tried to carry the ball up the court, but, they struggled to get a shot on the final drive. Finally, at the buzzer HC’s Lexi Doben put up a three that barely missed going in, and the Hawkeyes escaped with a very close win over Holland Christian.

Breakout Performance:


-Alec Nyboer

-Brooklyn Groenheide

-Joslyn Bronkhorst

-Ryan Underwood

Alec was a great swimmer even as a freshman, and improved a lot this year. He swam two events, the 100 yard butterfly and the 200 yard medley relay last year at the state finals. This year at the state finals, he swam both of those in addition to the 100 yard backstroke and the 400 yard freestyle relay. Alec placed in all of those events, but his best event was the 100 yard butterfly, where he placed first. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that Alec is only a sophomore, competing against Juniors and Seniors.

Most Dominating Performance:


-Ashley Overbeek 35 point game, in her career scoring record game

-Logan Welcher 100 wins

-Alec Nyboer winning state in 100 yd fly

Ashley was on the varsity basketball team since her freshman year. She progressed every year and on her first game of her senior year she broke 2 records. Ashley hit 36 points and also hit a 1001 point record for her high school career. Jill Herbig was the record holder before her who broke it in 1995. The record now stands at 1406 points. It took 20 years to break 1001 points, how long will it take to hit 1406? Ashley always impresses the crowd with a 20-22 points per game average ever since she was a freshman. Ashley always dominated on the floor…all that hard work and commitment really pays off once you hit top of the line goals like that.

Most Spirited Fan of the Winter Season:


-Ben Koopman

-Anthony Guillozet

-Landon Dykstra

Landon Dykstra is a constant around Hamilton sports. If you have ever been to a varsity basketball game you probably have seen him there. We picked him because he is always at the games. He also is doing is very best to cheer the team on in good times and in bad. He said “If I were on the court playing, I would want the student section going crazy. It’s a morale boost for the teams and I enjoy it”.  He definitely through his actions is able to give that boost to the teams.

Best Student Section Moment:


-“Hoppe game” against Wayland (Hoppe shirts, Hoppe Dance)

-Student section going to Thornapple Kelloggsville to support girls varsity basketball team after suffering the loss of Mr. Hoppe.

After the tragedy of losing Josh Hoppe the student body gathered Friday night January 10 at the Hamilton vs. Wayland game to be together as a community. This game was by far the largest turnout for the amount of students attending a Varsity Basketball game. The energy level at the game was off the chart. Everyone was into the game and it helped the team feel like a big part of Hamilton. There was a sea of yellow Hoppe shirts in the stands all there for a reason, to be as one at a Varsity Basketball game. There was another big part of this special night and that was the special Hoppe Dance. This united the student body to show that they can move on but not forget what tragedy has occurred. Doing the Hoppe Dance was emotional for some. Dancing around in the stands and say We Had Fun Today, We Had Fun Today, We Had Fun Today, Hoppe, Hoppe, Hoppe! Now every Basketball game involves the Hoppe Dance as a part of showing how strong Hamilton is. #htownstrong

Coach of the Year:


-Brant Haverdink (Boys Varsity Basketball Coach)

-Gregg Stoel (Varsity Wrestling Coach)

-Eric Talsma (Boys Swim Coach)

-Dan Vanhekken (Girls Varsity Basketball Coach)

-Emily Gort (Varsity Cheerleading Coach)

Coach Talsma took a girls and boys swimming program that was non-existent in Hamilton and turned it into a program that year after year is a contender for the state championship. This winter season Hamilton’s Boys Varsity swim team took 6th in state as a team and had a state champion swimmer in Alec Nyboer. The expectations were definitely lived up to this year. When becoming an elite swimming program the bar is set high and people around the community expect to see great things…this year they achieved great things under immense amount of pressure to preform. Coach Talsma has earned our reward as coach of the year because of his past as a head coach and what his team did to perform at the level they did this year.

This list was compiled by CHS staffers (in order of article) Nate Dreyer, Tony Alderink, Brandon Ritter, Aaron Snay, Adam Snay, and Brady Mudd.

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