Coach Randall Stands Tall on the Sidelines

by Daria Wedeven

Math teacher and seven year returning coach Jared Randall has been a varsity assistant, freshmen head, and a junior varsity head coach for the Hawkeyes.  No matter the age or talent difference, his favorite thing about coaching is spending time with his players and strategically planning for games. He coaches using the tactics that he was taught when he was in sports as a high schooler himself. By participating in basketball and football, he knew discipline was very important in the team environment and tries to incorporate this into his everyday coaching.

Many may think that coaching is a job that just requires your time and a little effort. Coach spends his nights at home focusing on team statistics and the players they’ll be going up against the following day, which is easily one of his favorite parts. The hardest part for him is telling players that they can’t be a part of something they have tried very hard for and cutting them from his team. Living the double life as a coach and a teacher, the biggest difference between the two is when coaching, you have more chances to motivate kids. “The biggest difference is having less kids to teach, which makes it easier to develop meaningful relationships and help the player improve,” says Randall. Between teaching and coaching, he also trains for half marathons and spends time reading.

So now when you see the 6’5 coach with a loud voice, you can put a story to his name.

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