Senior Profile – Senior vs. Staff Basketball Game

by Falina Baker & Breanna Hinds

The Seniors have the fever! They want out of school as not much time is left to be here in the halls for the last time as a student. Well “The Game” coming up Saturday is going to help ease to tension for the seniors. The seniors want to take their rath on the teachers who have given them homework, hard assignments, long speeches, and a “rough” life throughout high school. This game is the first game for the Seniors versus the Staff and the Seniors BELIEVE they will come out victorious.

Here is the roster for the seniors:

  • Blake Dewitt – a varsity baseball player and Covering Hawkeye Sports class member.

  • Trey DeVries – a cross country & track runner.

  • Chad Schierbeek – a varsity football player.  “The Chadillac” will be a force.

  • Anthony Guillozet – a tennis player and golfer.

  • Jared Overbeek – a three-sport athlete at Hamilton High School.

  • Austin Sloan – a cross country runner.

  • Jordan Boeve – a football and basketball player.

  • Connor Davis – a varsity basketball player.
  • Zach VandeVusse – a football player.

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