Social Media: A Look Inside an Athlete’s Usage

By Ben Koopman

Today social media is everywhere, and with roughly 80% of our student athletes using it, the question is raised: how does this affect our high school sports? We took a poll to find that out.

Social media has impacted high school sports fans in a tremendous way.  When asked, 22% of respondents said they use social media to find out about sports. For example, Twitter has been a great tool for our high school student section. It allows us to spread the word on black-outs and other special occasions. Twitter has also been great for live scores and score up dates which has really helped students follow all of the various sports here at HHS. Players, parents and students also have enjoyed seeing pictures of the games on the next day on various sites.

On the other side of the issue, is how these sites affect our student-athletes. Just last month, legendary college basketball coach Rick Pitino sounded off on the issue, claiming that these sites “poison” the minds of his players, and ruin their focus on both academics and athletics. We took the time to talk to varsity girls coach, Dan VanHekken, on how he thinks social media affects his players. He told us that he believes that “social media affects his team both positively and negatively,” and that players need to watch what they say on these sites. He also says its a great way for his team to communicate and promote the program.

Other fun figures on athlete’s social media usage:

– Instagram is the most preferred outlet, followed by Twitter than Facebook.

– Nearly half of students use social media just for keeping up with friends.

– All respondents used at least one form of social media.

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