Staff Profile – Senior vs. Staff Basketball Game

The Hamilton Hawkeyes will be having a special event on March 15 at 6:00p.m. The school will be hosting their first staff vs. senior basketball game. The staff are seen as the favorites, but being favorites doesn’t mean much in today’s day in age of sports. The senior team will have to put in a lot of extra effort to be able to pull off an upset against the staff team.


Lets take a look at the staffs history in sports. Every staff member playing in the game have played sports in high school and college. No not everyone played college basketball, but they did have history in high school playing basketball. People may say that was the past and the staff members have probably lost their game, but the staff will do whatever it takes to show everyone that they still have game left in them. So here is the staff profile.


  • Dan Vanhekken – College basketball at Hope


  • Mark Behnke – College football at Carthage


  • Brian Grabinski – College football at Hope for two years


  • David Tebo – College basketball at Spring Arbor for four years, and ran track for two years.


  • Chad Miller – College football at Hope.


  • Mat Rehkopf – College football at Adrian.


  • Michael Blauw – College football for two years at Hope.


  • Conor Lefere – College football for four years and college baseball for one year.


  • Jared Randall – Played four years of division 3 football at Kalamazoo college and one year of basketball.


So there it is, the staff roster. We all know the seniors will attempt do all it takes to take down the staff, but everyone playing for the staff have had a pretty good history with not only any sport, but basketball at that.



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