The end is really just the begining for CHS

by Breanna Hinds

      This trimester is coming to a close, with each and every day that goes by the Covering Hawkeye Sports class pushes to reach goals that have been set and to become a class everyone talks about. Each student has their own share in the success that is made from this class. The person who created this class and brought it up to the school board was Mark Behnke. Doug Braschler, HHS Principal, and Dania Bazzi, HCS Curriculum Direction, also put  ideas into the class structure. Behnke stated, “We came up with this class to use both English and media at the same time, but also using the Common Core.”  This class has grown so much and it was built to expand throughout the coming year.   “The sky’s the limit,” Behnke stated.

     There are many parts to this class that make it the success that it is. Not only has it been a success for just being made up this year, but many other places have commented on how well things are going. Schools around the country, local news stations including Fox 17, and many other people have given a lot of credit to the students that make this class work. Schools may want to also have a program like CHS, which is an honor, but as Behnke puts it “It’s far more gratifying to have had a vision, work to implement it and now see it materialize from scratch”.  Hamilton and the students are very proud of the work they have done.

     Every student in the class plays a role in the success. There are certain things that students do. For example: Filming highlights at home events, writing articles at the live events, tweeting scores, posting pictures on Instagram of the teams, putting together Gameday shows, community outreach projects and putting things together. There are certain people for certain jobs, but everyone participates in their own way. The class period everyday of the week is crazy because there are twenty five people doing twenty five different things. Behnke’s role in the class is helping piece together everything everyone is doing. And in the end, everything is put on the website allowing anyone, anywhere able to access this amazing thing the class has created.

    There are many things that are coming to an end or that have ended. Though the trimester is closing and the end of this class is coming for the rest of the school year, that doesn’t mean this class is gone for good. We have had so many success stories in this class, we really want to expand it. Expanding it would mean it would be a two-trimester class next year for the fall and winter sports. This class can be an easy class if you do your part in the way this class works.  It shows that people are responsible and a team player in everything that happens here. The class isn’t just fun and games, though we have had great moments.  Senior Blake DeWitt said, “It’s sort of weird but we’ve become sort of a family.”  Family works together making things great and that’s what this class has done.

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