Fall Sports Girls Golf

Athlete Profile: Julie Genzink – Girls Varsity Golf

By: Ashtyn Haan

Girls golf profile this week is on Julie Genzink. Julie is a junior and this is her second year playing golf on the Hamilton girls golf team, but first year on the varsity team. We got a better understanding of her as a golfer and her social life.  Although Julie herself is not happy with her best score this season, she is a great golfer.


1. What is the farthest you have traveled out of state?00285

Response: Florida or Colorado.


2. Are you on any other golf teams?

Response: No.


3. When did you start playing golf on a team?

Response: Sophomore year.


4. What food can you not live without?

Response: Pizza.


5. What is your all time best score this season?

Response: 55.


6. What is your favorite thing about golf?

Response: It is a relaxing sport.


7. Who with someone that motivates you the most?

Response: My coach, Kevin Arnold.


8. What is your favorite place to go shopping?

Response: TJ Maxx.


9. What tv show if your favorite?

Response: None, I don’t watch tv.