Boy’s Soccer Battle The Bulldogs

By: Emily Woodke


This week Monday, September 22, the boy’s varsity soccer team battled with the Byron Center Bulldogs. The Hawkeyes came up short of a win. The game really came down to the final six minutes. In the first half the Bulldogs scored once. The Hawkeyes quickly answered back with two goals, both with a pass from Evan Woodke to Conner Gutuescu to score. With a one goal lead at half, the hopes were high. In the second half things took a turn for the worst, with a Byron Center goal to tie up the game. Then another, to gain the lead with six minutes left to play. Unfortunately the Hawks couldn’t come back. The game ended with a score of 3-2 Byron Center win. The Varsity soccer team’s record stands at 5-2-1, with  hopes of more wins ahead!


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