Freshmen Fitting in With Varsity Soccer

The 2014 boys soccer season has started with obvious high hopes for a great season. Although the season began with a few unexpected losses, their current record is 2-2-1. They continue the constant stride for improvement. With a team of two freshman, five juniors, and 13 experienced seniors the seasons expectations are certainly high. Coach Robinson has high hopes for the season as well as his two freshman.

“Brady Gilbert and Elliot Emelander were both pleasant surprises,” said coach Robinson

You may think a team with thirteen seniors and two freshmen may not mesh well, but it is the opposite with this year’s team. When asked if he feels if everyone is treated the same, Brady replied “ Yes, we are all treated the same.” As you can tell the freshman on the team fit in like everyone else.

“I expect them to act like varsity players- play with confidence and act like they belong, because they do belong!”  commented Robinson

Being moved up as freshman is a rare thing on varsity team. A few years back two freshmen were moved up, just like this year, coach Robinson explained to us. So this is not something new for the program. Uncommon as it may be, it is nothing the team and program can’t handle.

Another problem you may think a freshman would have is pressure-a much expected thing for someone young playing seniors.

“No, the pressure doesn’t get to me that bad, maybe in the beginning of a game a little,” Elliot said.

“In certain games I feel pressure, depending on the team and their size” Gilbert said.

The pressure doesn’t seem to get to the freshman too bad, which isn’t something you’d expect. With all of the experience of playing ever since they were young and being on travel teams the boys take it very well. With experience and talent on their side they strive for a great season.

The switch from middle school soccer to varsity soccer is a giant leap that Brady and Elliot are facing this season. Based on their play so far it is nothing they can’t handle.

“The two freshman are certainly getting some solid playing time thus far,”  Robinson commented.

The hopes for not only the freshman but the whole team continue on as the season progresses. Elliot and Brady will have some big shoes to fill. As the 13 seniors leave this coming year. Your next opportunity to see these hawkeyes play will be Monday the 15th vs Unity Christian. Come out and support!


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