Fall Sports Volleyball

Hawkeye Volleyball Dream Team: Featuring Destiny Alexander

“Without a team we are nothing,” says Destiny Alexander when asked about the strengths of her team. As this years team captain of the Hamilton Varsity Volleyball team, she believes this season will be successful due to how close they are as a team, and also as friends in general. Not only are they working on their communication on the court to improve their record this season, they are also more comfortable around each other. Most of the seniors on the team have been playing together since 7th grade, and are friends on and off the court.


Alexander is the setter of the team and has been playing varsity volleyball since sophomore year. When we questioned Destiny on why she plays volleyball she answered, “I enjoy playing volleyball because it’s a team sport and you can’t do everything by yourself. You have to depend on the people around you because if one person isn’t doing well, then the rest of the team isn’t doing well. We have to trust each other and know that we will get to every ball and win the game.” As a captain, some of the major challenges for her is knowing that everyone is looking up to you, which means she has to be a strong leader. She appreciates that her team looks up to her and she will enjoy being with her team throughout the whole season.

“Destiny is like a quarterback for the volleyball team. She’s a setter so she calls out the plays. She is the most vocal person on the team and is the only one allowed to talk to the referees. Destiny is different than everyone else,” quote by Mrs. Ekkens.