Fall Sports Opinion Volleyball

Point-Counterpoint; Who is the most valuable player on the volleyball team?

By: Chandler, Bri, Madi, Daria, and Cody


Side 1: Jordan Pikaart is the most valuable player because she is the best hitter on the team. She has an average hitting percentage of 0.400, which is really good.


Side 2: Destiny Alexander is the best player on the team due to the fact that she is the best server, setter, and the captain of the team.


Side 1: Jordan has already committed to Saginaw Valley to play volleyball, which proves that her skill is contributed to the team.


Side 2: Destiny is a leader on the court. This last game she had 28 sets which 27 of them became hits. Without Destiny, Jordan has no ability to spike the ball.


Side 1: Jordan has the most powerful kill, averaging 14 kills per match, so without her the ball would never go over the net.


Side 2: Last season, Destiny completed 98% of her serves, the best on the team.


Side 1: Last season Jordan earned honors as a Class B all-state outside hitter while posting 472 kills.


Side 2: Jordan may be the best hitter on the team, but Destiny is the best setter and server. She also is a natural with leadership, which makes her a great player on and off the court.


Side 1: Jordan is more of a quiet leader. She leads with actions not words.


Side 2: Destiny is like a quarterback. She calls all the plays, and she encourages the team when they need it. On the court you have to be vocal, otherwise there isn’t teamwork.


Side 1: Yes, but just like in football you need more than a quarterback to be successful. Often a star wide receiver makes the QB look better. The same is true of this volleyball team.