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Preview – Hamilton vs. Allendale

By, Zach Elders and Eric Peterson

This upcoming Friday night, the Hawkeyes will take on the Allendale Falcons in the fourth game of the season. The Hawkeyes are now 2-1 from a previous victory over Hastings 49-28. Allendale is now 1-2 and has given up almost 100 points in the past three games.

Pass Offense vs. Allendale

Brady Mudd had an outstanding performance last week through the air with 201 yards as well as two touchdowns to Alec Overbeek who accounted for 117 of those yards. “Our offense is not designed around one player, instead, it is designed to take advantage the defenses alignment and technique.” Coach Jared Randall said.

Run Offense vs. Allendale

Nathan Pando had his most explosive game yet last week against Hastings. Nathan ran for 201 yards in 28 touches with three touchdowns with one of those being a 58 yard run. Trenton Alexander and quarterback Brady Mudd each had one to make it a total of five. Allendale’s run defense is set up as a 3-4 and gave up a good amount of points against Grand Rapids Forest Hills Northern. If Hamilton can have good blocking up front I believe Nate Pando can take advantage of their struggling run defense and put a good amount of points on the board.

Pass Defense vs. Allendale

All of Allendale’s points last week against Forest Hills Northern, came through passing. Quarterback Tucker Kloote went 18 for 41 with 3 touchdowns, all belonging to Wide Receiver Nate Couturier. With those 3 touchdowns came 12 receptions for 148 yards. Hamilton is going to be matched up against Allendale’s very skilled athletes on the edge, so if Hamilton can handle them as well as cover assignments down field, it will be a great match to see.

Run Defense vs. Allendale

Hamilton’s runs a 4-4 defense to stop the run and so far it’s been effective against teams similar to Allendale. Allendale is a team that likes to throw the ball to their play-makers in open space to try to get that big play. Hamilton is good at stopping the run up the middle; if Allendale tries to run it, they might struggle against Hamilton’s defense.


We believe Allendale will come away with a victory this week only because their air attack is too strong against Hamilton’s pass defense. Hamilton has the best match-ups in the run game, so we think it’ll be a close one, and a high scoring affair, 42-35.