Cross Country Fall Sports Features

The Frontrunners

by: Courtney Vande Vorde, Blaire DeWitt, Ben Koopman and Christian DiCesare

This year, Cross Country has been given a family full of talent. The Freyhofs, Mark, Erika, and Audrey are all very skilled runners. The three spoke to the experience of  running as a family. When asked what it is like running with their siblings, things like, “support,” “push,” and “encourage,” were common responses.

Their seasons’ have started off well. The boys winning their first two meets and the girls winning their first followed by a second place. Mark, a junior, is the 7th fastest boy in Hamilton history. Last year, he was all conference honorable mention. Mark, being one place away from making state last year hopes to make it this year. The lookout is good as he is already 30 seconds faster than his times this early last season. Erika is the 6th fastest girl in Hamilton history. Erika qualified for state last season and earned All Conference and All State honors. She is also the favorite to win the conference this year. Audrey’s hope for the season is to, “break 19 minutes.” According to Coach Pertner, Audrey has a chance to qualify for state individually. Coach Pertner compared the Freyhofs to the Orens, in terms of skill. The Orens of course three sisters all being all state performers. The Freyhof family: the frontrunners of Hamilton Cross Country.