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Volleyball OK Green Conference Stack-up

By: Chandler Timmer, Cody Maatman and Madi Alexander

The volleyball OK Green Conference is very competitive and teams are fighting for the conference title. In the bottom half of the group is Holland Christian, Zeeland West, and Holland. The top half is Hamilton, Byron Center, and Unity, all working for that number one spot. Last week, Hamilton defeated Unity continuing their perfect record, and Byron Center defeated Holland Christian keeping their undefeated season. The top two teams (Hamilton and Byron) will face off on Thursday at Byron Center. That will be a tough game for both teams, and they will both have to perform well to come out with the win. Unity has had a rough start in the OK Green, but there is still lots of time for them to turn things around. They look to begin that rebound this week vs Holland and Holland Christian. In the next couple of days we will learn a lot more on how the OK Green volleyball teams stack up against each other with many key match-ups taking place.