Fall Sports Volleyball

Volleyball Profile: Maddie Stehle

By: Bri deFouw and Daria Wedeven

Not everything happens on the court, without the sidelines the team wouldn’t be the same. Playing behind a two year starter, Maddie Stehle plays the role of not only right side but one of the best encouragers on the team. “Without her, the starters wouldn’t be the same because of how hard she pushes them whether it’s at practice or during games.¨ Ekkens replies after being asked what Stehle brings to the team.

When we questioned the team, we got the same results. “Maddie is very supportive to each and every one of us and also works harder than most,¨ says Courtney VandeVorde, the middle hitter on the team.

This being her first year on the varsity team, she says that she felt very welcomed, but was also very nervous to play with all of the returning seniors this year. “At first it was an adjustment to have all of us get used to each others strengths, but now I feel that we are definitely making each other better, we get along great,¨ says Stehle, ¨being my first year of varsity, I’ve learned a lot. There was a lot of adjusting in becoming a new team.”

In conference, the team is 3-0 and are looking good for districts. ¨As long as we stay as one, keep our communication, and consistent energy, I believe that our team will go far.” replied Stehle when asked about the future the team could have in districts.

Without the coach, Abby Ekkens, the team would not be the same. The team describes her as a great coach and mentor. She reads all of them like a book and knows exactly what to say whether its about volleyball or life in general. Ekkens pushes all of them to do their absolute best, which is the main reason why they do so well.