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Hawkeyes Lose District Game In Shootout

By: Emily Woodke


Districts started off this week, on Tuesday, October 14, our Hawkeyes had a long drawn out battle with the Byron Center Bulldogs. Here at our very own Hamilton soccer stadium. Both teams brought their top game, making it a very intense and tough soccer game. After much play and battle the game ended with a 4-2 win with the Bulldogs on top.


The first half started off fast, with both teams bringing their all in District play. Despite multiple attempts at goal for both teams, the first half still ended with a scoreless tie. The second half had the same turn out after a lot of back and forth play. As the game became intense the Hawkeyes brought their best play, the game headed into a ten minute overtime.

Both teams came out ready to play, neither team wanted to lose what they had done in regular play. After another ten minutes yet again was there no score.  Another ten minute overtime the Hawkeyes and Bulldogs went into. Neither team was going to give up a goal at this point, and that is exactly what both teams did. Still the scoreboard was full of zeros, as the game headed into a shootout. The Hawkeyes first shootout didn’t go the way they had planned on it going. After all their fighting the Hawkeyes came up short. Even with the lost, many of the soccer players were pleased with the way the team had played during the District game. Their season ended with a final record of 3-12-1, thirteen seniors leave after this season.