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The Unstoppable Folkert Brothers

By: Lucas Driesenga

Justin Folkert broke the all-time win record in September against the Unity Christian Crusaders. “It is pretty cool to have broken the school win record. I have worked so hard for a very long time to accomplish what I have in high school tennis,” were his words when he was asked about breaking the record.  “We worked very hard this year and have been very successful, taking second in our conference and recently making it to State out of a very tough region,” was the response from Justin when I mentioned the overall success of the team this season in the tough region they compete in.

Jarrett Folkert, a freshmen this year, is playing with his brother Justin on the Hamilton varsity tennis team. The two have lead the team for countless victories throughout the season. Justin leads off with the first singles and his brother Jarrett following second. Justin is thrilled that Jarrett is playing with him in his last year playing for Hamilton, “Having Jarrett on the team has made this the best of my four years. We are really close and have been looking forward to this year since we were little.” Justin emphasized how important this year was to him and Jarrett since they are finally able to play on the same team together. Which is what makes going to state that much more important for the two brothers.

After Justin leaves his senior year, Jarrett will be left with three more years to increase the Folkert’s successful reputation. “I think Jarrett is very talented and that this year of experience will only allow him to do even better the next three years.” The team is hopeful to place well in state and to be as successful in the years to come.