Future Hamilton Fall College Athletes

By: Nate Dreyer, Zoie Driy, Zach Elders

Hamilton currently has some of its best athletes it has had in a long time, and, therefore there are several athletes that will be playing sports at the next level. Many of these athletes play in the fall sports season. Two of those athletes participated in signing day last week, Jordan Pikaart and Stephanie Johnston each committed to Saginaw Valley State and Eastern Michigan, respectively. There also are several athletes that are currently deciding what schools the plan to attend and play at next year, after they move on from Hamilton.


Jordan Pikaart is one of the best volleyball players Hamilton has put out in a long while, she recently committed to Saginaw Valley State University on signing day. She said that it was an easy decision to commit to SVSU over other schools, such as Ferris State, after she visited Saginaw Valley. As she got along with the team and coach at SVSU more than the team and coach at Ferris. She plans on studying to be a nurse practitioner during her time in college, along with her time playing volleyball.


Stephanie Johnston is one of the leaders on Hamilton’s swim team, and she was pursued by several schools before deciding on Eastern Michigan. She was also pursued by Oakland and Toledo along with EMU, but she said that EMU “felt better” than the other schools that were pursuing her. She will, like Jordan, be studying nursing along with swimming during her time at Eastern.


As previously mentioned, there are also several athletes that  remain undecided on their school that they will plan to attend. Justin Folkert has won more individual matches than anyone else in Hamilton Tennis history. He is still undecided on both what sport (golf or tennis),as well as what school he plans to attend. The final schools that Justin is deciding between are, Hope College, Hillsdale College, and Ferris State University. The Boys Soccer team also has a couple of players that are deciding on what school they plan on attending. Shi-Wei Battaglia currently remains undecided on what school will allow him to both play soccer, and study what he would like to. Collin Brinkhuis also is in the process of deciding on what school he would like to attend, and like She-Wei, has several different options that his is deciding between.


This group of athletes help show the strength of many of the athletic programs here at Hamilton.  Additionally, the strength of the athletic department can be seen through the athletes in sports that are planning on playing at the next level, or have already committed to D-I schools, such as Nick Carlson committing to U of M for golf, and Grant Wolfram going to CMU for baseball.


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