Fall Sports Girls Golf

Year In Review: Girls Golf

By: Nate Dreyer, Ashtyn Haan, Camden Blood, and Mason Miller


Record- 4-1 (In Dual Matches)


OK-Green Finish- 2nd


Best Win-

The girls defeated Jenison with their best score of the year, as they won with a score of 188. This win helped turn the tide, in many ways, for the team. After this win they went from a team that had struggled early in the year, to now a serious contender that had a chance to, possibly, even make a run at the state tournament. Also, many girls were individually able to turn their seasons around as several golfers found a way to shoot low scores, and in doing so, gain confidence in their’ game. Three hawkeyes were able to shoot sub-50 scores in the match. So, because of the tide that was turned because of this win, the win against Jenison can easily be viewed as the key win in the season for girls golf.


Worst Loss-

The worst loss for the team can easily be viewed as the loss that the team suffered at regionals. The team had home course advantage as the Regional Tournament was held at Hamilton’s home course, Diamond Springs. But, the team struggled all day and failed to place high enough to move on to the state tournament. That fact is what makes this the toughest loss of the year, because the team’s hopes of making it to the state tournament ended, on their home course. What made this loss even tougher was how the team had been on a roll and had made huge improvement since the start of the year, so the team’s run ending with all of the momentum with them at regionals can be seen as the team’s worst loss of the season.



There were many girls on the team this year that could be considered for MVP for the Girl’s Golf team this fall. Finding the MVP for golf can have several factors that can be weighed, but, by looking at what player was the #1 player, and scorer for most of the season, the MVP can be found. Therefore, Taylor Eding, who was continuously the low scorer for the team this season can be seen as the team’s MVP for this year. One of the most interesting points that can be made here is the fact that, she still has one more season to continue to improve, and most likely be in this same category, one year from now.


Most Improved-

Lindsey Reed was able to elevate her game to another level this year. After playing on JV last season, and struggling to find her game at times last season. She put a huge amount of work in this past offseason to improve her game. And, as coach Arnold said the work really “Paid off”. She was able to become a player that was consistently scoring well for Hamilton and helping lead the team to a second-place finish in conference. Coach Arnold also believes that she has now laid the groundwork to improve even further heading into next season. As he said that “The sky’s the limit” heading into next season for Lindsey.



Effects of Graduation-

The team will be losing four seniors that are clear leaders on the team, in the loss of Mallory Draisma, Renee Selle, Meghan Adkins, and Jessie Ratkowski. The seniors that are lost are both leaders in terms of scoring, and leadership. The team also will be less lively next season, as the seniors on this year’s team also were a constant source of fun and enthusiasm on this year’s team. That means that there will be big shoes for this season’s future, as coach Arnold said that the girls will be “sorely missed”.


Younger Contributions for 2015-

After losing all of the key seniors that the team is losing this season, younger players stepping up will be crucial to the team’s continued growth and improvement. While, there will be several JV players that are coming up, it will be this season’s juniors that will need to to grow, both through their’ scores and become team leaders. Lindsey Reed, Taylor Eding, and Peri Phillipi all are currently juniors that were able to lower their’ scores throughout the year. So, with continued improvement with scoring, as well as growth in leadership, the senior’s large shoes may be able to be filled.

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