Hamilton Loses Their Final Match Against Holland Christian


The Hawkeyes listening to the national anthem before their district semi-final match

Wednesday, Hamilton dropped their district match against Holland Christian. This is a shocker because Hamilton won the  previous two times these teams faced off in the year. Hamilton came in to the game full of confidence which slowly decreased through out the match after each point Holland Christian scored. Hamilton lost their first game 22-25 and won their second game 25-15. Their third game was extremely competitive till the end where they gave up and set a tone for the rest of the match with a score of 24-26. The 4th game Hamilton won 25-23 and lost their last game 11-15.

Hamilton shot themselves in the foot all through the match by not keeping the ball on the court giving Holland Christian points. Hamilton had a hard time defending against spikes; especially when the spike hits farther back on the court. Hamilton did very well serving, scoring many points on the serve. Also they where able to set up spikes very well which caused a lot of intimidation with a very fast volleyball picking off Holland Christian players. Hamilton didn’t do well recovering from mishaps Coach Ekkens said,”Mistakes at key times that we didn’t recover from.” ¬† Even though Hamilton lost, they still had a great season 33-8-5.

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