Year in Review: Boys Soccer



Hamilton wrapped up their season with a district game against Byron Center. Hamilton carried a trend of doing well in the beginning and not finishing games but, Hamilton gave their all during the whole game. Their defense was able to shut out Byron’s offense until the very end because they went into. Hamilton lost in double over time in a shoot out.  Hamilton’s varsity non-seniors have learned a precious lesson this season and that is finishing is crucial to winning. Coach Robinson statement about the season was, “Proud of the guys for trying to enact the program values, the student before the athlete.”Hamilton’s final record for the 2014 soccer season is 3-12-1 and 1-7 in the OK Green conference.

Best Win  

Hamilton’s best game was played against Zeeland Dux where their defense gave up zero goals. They came out kicking and continued all through game with their heads up. Their offence did well finishing, they were able to  score two goals well into the game for a score of 2-0. Since Hamilton’s defense was able to shut out Zeeland’s offence they were able to keep their momentum and didn’t loose there focus which has been a problem in other games.This game forshadowed what their defense  could do if they set their minds to it.

Toughest Loss


When the boys soccer team lost to Byron Center in the District game, that was the loss that stung the worst for the team. Considering it was Byron Center, who they had lost to twice already. In addition, the game was a District game. This made the game that much more important to the team. Also the game really came down to the wire which also caused the lost to be tough.

 The team fought hard for the 80 minutes of regular play, which then led to 20 minutes of overtime play. These all ended with a scoreless game. So after a tough battle put up by both teams, they headed to overtime. This was the Hawkeyes nightmare and dream at the same time. It was tough because of the fact that this 2014 team had never been involved in a shootout, so it wouldn’t be easy to pull out the win at this point. Yet it was good because beating Byron Center was in sight, a fully achievable goal now.  As the shootout continued their hopes of beating Byron Center dwindled, as the Bulldogs took the lead. Ending in a four to two loss.

The Hawkeyes season was over, thirteen seniors walked off the field knowing they would never play on that field again. That is yet another reason this loss was so detrimental to the team. The season was over, thirteen players of the varsity team were now gone. I think as the truth of all of that set in, the team realized how much that loss hurt them. “ It was our best performance, so not coming out with the win was tough,” Senior, Evan Woodke added.



Even though all of the soccer players did well on the varsity team, there was one person who stuck out the most and scored 5 points , Collin Brinkhuis. Collin Brinkhuis has been playing soccer ever since he was in kindergarten. He also has been playing on the varsity team for two years.”Hamilton helped me play better with other students and be more interactive.” Collin says. He also plays on a Hopkins traveling team. With all of the years playing , Collin plans on continuing his soccer career in college. Hunter Smith was Collins motivation, he motivated everyone to play better on the field. He’s the reason why Collin plays 100%.¨Try your best, practice, and at games do your best because high school goes by so fast… You don’t want to miss it.¨ Collin says for a little inspiration for the next year varsity players.

Most Improved
“I think Brady Gilbert has changed from being shy in the beginning of the season  by throwing his body round on the field and being more vocal with his teammates towards the end.” says Coach Robinson. Brady doesn’t feel the same way about himself, “I don’t think so, it’s harder than Club (Travel Team). It’s a different style also, Hamilton plays more of an English type of way.” Brady says. He’s not sure if he’s going to play next year for varsity. Brady thinks that The Club is better because they play more games in a different way where they don’t have to keep on running up and down the field.  If he does play, he thinks its going to be hard to fill in the shoes of the seniors.

Effects of Graduation

Drastic changes will be happening to the 2014 boys varsity soccer team. As 13 talented seniors will be graduating this May. The guys were good examples for the incoming juniors and seniors. They had the right attitude and they knew how to talk. “They were able to carry themselves on and off the field.” quoted Coach Robinson. The small group of 7, five juniors and two freshmen, that is left will have some adjusting to do as new players enter the team next fall. The shoes will be big to fill. But will they be able to carry on the seniors legacy? Coach Robinson has no doubt in that they will. “They’ll keep the ball rolling.” states Robinson. The only difficulties they might face would be immediately filling the roles of the past seniors. For example who will be replacing Dayton Packs the main goalie of the team? Or the main defense Hunter Smith, Joe Sikma, Scott Scholten,  and Shi-Wei Battaglia. Its doable though and they are more than capable of it. The seniors will be greatly missed and hopefully they’ll continue to play soccer through their college careers.


      2015 Contributors 

Thirteen seniors leave after this 2014 season. The 2015 season is going to be nothing short of a rebuilding year. Only seven players from this year will be returning. And five sophomores will be joining the team. The seven returning players will be the most crucial players.

A few juniors from this year that stick out are Raymond Johnson, Zac Dykema, and Logan Sloan. These are all players that near the end of the season began to step up. Such as Logan Sloan having to take over Hunter Smith’s defensive position, after he got injured. Since Hunter is a senior, this was a hard position to take over. When the time came Logan stepped up. As well as Raymond and Zac, they didn’t have a defining moment like Logan, but as the season progressed you could tell  they got better. All the soon to be seniors will become great players for the underclassmen to look up to.

The other two returning players are both freshman. Brady Gilbert and Elliot Emelander were both freshman on the varsity team this season. These two have big shoes to fill, as well as the rest of the 2015 team, after the thirteen seniors leave. When asked if it would be hard to fill the seniors shoes, Brady Gilbert replied, “Absolutely, especially in defense.” As returning varsity players, these two will also be role players next year.

The five up and coming juniors will be the new players on varsity. As they are new to the team,they will have a learning year. Yet these sophomores will still be contributors.As well as any freshman that got moved up for Districts this year. That might play on varsity next year.

Next year will most definitely be a rebuilding year. After so many senior leave, the 2015 season will be a learning year as well. All the starting defensive players leave this season, so the underclassmen will have to step up in the coming season to take over their positions.



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