A CHS Gift for You

By: CHS Staff

This Christmas season we are playing Santa in the Hawkeye sports world. Select Coaches are being chosen to receive gifts that we CHS members believe they desperately need.


After her third child, Ekkens will need to upgrade from her boring S.U.V. to this fashionable conversion van.


Although Mr. Miller, is very proud of his “arctic blonde” hair we believe for Christmas, everyone would appreciate if he got some just for men.


After his infamous hang loose signs, we think Coach Haverdink should keep the mood going and add a surfboard to his surfer way of life. Who knows, by next year he could have long hair and wear a hawaiian shirt everyday.


Because Coach Pertner is such a great guy, we think everyone should have a chance to be with someone like him. So why not share him with the world and get him a membership to the dating site “forteachersonly.com.”