Competitive Cheer continues to work hard

By: Abby Snay

NORTON SHORES, Mich. – On Wednesday, the competitive cheerleaders had their second invitational of their season. They went to Mona Shores and competed in a field of nine. They ended up getting 6th out of the teams there. Tuesday they got 584.36 points. At their last invitational the Hawkeyes got 656.32. Coach Emillie Gort said, “It was a very low scoring competition.” The Hawkeyes did end up scoring about 75 points less than they did at their last invitational. Sophomore Madi Copeland ¬†said,”The judging (on Saturday) was easier than it was on Wednesday because it was our first competition.” They also lost points in their first round because they weren’t as loud as they should’ve been and they also got some points taken off for not being as confident in the first round. Although, in the second round they were much louder than the first, they still have work to do.

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