Hamilton falls to 3-2 after a loss to West Ottawa

By: Daria Wedeven

HAMILTON, Mich. – Tuesday night the girls basketball team dropped their game to West Ottawa with a score of 56-29. Kendra Bott was the leading scorer with a total of twelve points and Brooklyn Groenheide not far behind finishing with nine. Due to many turnovers and not getting back quick enough on defense, the gap between the two scores was large. West Ottawa had a really good game and they were tough to stop. The Hawkeyes battled their hardest but there were some tough match-ups on defense including Katie Rietberg with 17 points and Yojaira Campos with 12.

“We had way too many turnovers to give ourselves a chance to win.” says VanHekken.

The girls have been working on more defensive pressure during practice and are preparing for their games to come. “We continue to try and improve everyday.” VanHekken added.

Come support the Hawkeyes at their next game on Monday, December 29 tip off at 5:30 playing at Hudsonville High School.


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