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Homeschool to High School: Abi Ediger Profile

By: Daria WedevenScreenshot 2014-12-16 at 9.13.26 AM

The junior, Abi Ediger is playing her first year of high school sports. Ediger has been homeschooled all the way up until this year. As a starter on the team, she has been doing very well in her high school career so far.  In an interview, Abi was asked what the biggest difference is between high school and homeschool sports and replied with ¨High school sports require a lot more commitment than homeschool sports. I went from two one and a half hour practices a week to two and a half hour practices five days a week. There is also a lot more opportunity for exposure in high school sports. You are able to play competitive teams and match yourself up against girls your own age. There are competitive homeschool teams as well, but it is harder to find them and it usually requires a lot of traveling across state.¨


Despite these differences, Ediger has adjusted pretty well averaging around six points, three rebounds, and two assists in the first few games. Not only does she bring success on the court but also on the team in general. When asked what Ediger brings to the team VanHekken says, ¨Abi is a great addition to the Hamilton basketball program.  Her personality and positive attitude fit in right away.¨


Coach VanHekken’s response was similar to what Courtney VandeVorde said about what Abi brings to the team. ¨Abi brings energy and support on and off the court and we all have so much fun with her on the team.¨ Abi Ediger has started her high school career off in a great way and will continue to contribute throughout the season.


The Hawkeyes, with a 3-1 record, will be playing tonight against West Ottawa and hope to get a win.