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Student Section’s Growth Generates Amazing Atmosphere

image_1By, Eric Peterson

This season the Hamilton Boys Varsity Basketball team is looking to boost their attendance at home games. The student section held it’s first student section ‘practice’ ever. Coach Haverdink said, “As the student section grows, it helps us understand that we’re part of something bigger, that it’s not just about us playing.” Last year we saw increased attendance at many games, part of this is from the tragic death of Mr. Hoppe. We grew as a community with this tragedy, bringing people together and creating an amazing atmosphere, not only at the games, but in the district as a whole.

Last year’s Girls Varsity Basketball Team was 15-7 , 6-4 in the OK Green. This success brought more people into the gym, coupled with the success of Ashley Overbeek, who broke the all-time scoring record last year. Every game was exciting to watch, just like they should be this year.
After the student section held their ‘practice’, Jake Kessler said, “We worked on organized cheers that display integrity and respect for the opposing team while boosting our teams confidence.” Hopefully this year, the student section can have as big of an impact as they hope to. The motivated student section is one of many ways that the community is trying to draw more people into games.

Posters are up for every team in the schools, inviting people to become part of their season. The basketball teams dominate attendance during the winter sports season. They are good, and they deserve to have full gym’s every home game, but we also have other really good programs during the winter season. Wrestling has enjoyed a lot of success over the last decade, winning nine of the last ten district championships. Last year they broke the streak of twelve straight, so one can assume they will be wrestling with a chip on their shoulders, so to speak. This year is a great chance to go see the Hawkeyes do well like they have been for the longest time.

Boys swimming has also been very good lately, since Coach Talsma has been around. They went to the State Finals and placed in the top four on four separate occasions, two of which they came home victorious. Not only did they have two team victories at state, but seven individual champions as well. Swimming is an interesting sport to go watch, especially with this team that has a lot of talent, in a division that’s arguably the best in the state.

This year, Covering Hawkeye Sports is planning to hold the first Hawkeye Gameday Friday January 9.  Both the girls and boys take on Holland Christian, in what is looking to be a very good game.  We are hoping to see everyone out there, and are very excited to put on a great Gameday for everyone.