Athlete Profile: Alec Nyboer

By: Courtney Vande Vorde

Alec Nyboer is very successful junior on the swim team. He is a defending state champion in the Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.16.52 AM100 butterfly and is working hard to repeat last years win. He has already swam a 51.46 this year, almost exactly what he swam at the state meet last year, a 51.4.  Alec also has swam a 53.76 in the 100 backstroke this season, leaving the division 3 qualifying time of 59.29 in the dust. We got  the chance to talk to Alec himself along with swimming coach, Eric Talsma and teammate, Matt Oonk, to see what’s behind all of his success.

First, I got the chance to interview Coach Talsma…

Alec has been successful early this season, what do you expect for the rest of the season?

  • “The expectation is to always get faster. He should be in contention to win both his individual events at state this year and do it in near record fashion. His two primary events are getting faster across the state so that is great motivation to continue to work hard and clean up his racing so he can realize how fast he can go with a clean race.”

What does Alec bring to the team and what qualities does he possess that contribute to his personal success?

  • “He is a tremendously hard worker and he’s pretty stubborn. If he makes his mind up that he’s going to to do something then he’s going to get it done. His work ethic has definitely helped others on our team take the next step to get better.”


Next, I talked to senior Matt Oonk…

  • “Alec brings an attitude that shows he wants to be the best in every practice and every meet, but keeps it loose and tries to make practice fun for everyone. Some good qualities he possesses are that he is an exceptionally hard worker, and brings leadership through his actions, as he’s not a super vocal guy. He leads by example.”


Finally here’s what Alec himself had to say…

What do you most enjoy about swimming?

  • “Probably the euphoria of knowing I’ll smell like chlorine at all times of day. That and the food. So much food!”

What is your favorite memory from your swimming career?

  • “Tough one between the state meet last year and the nostalgia from all of the age group meets I went to in my younger years.”

What are your swimming goals?

  • “I want to break, if not get as close to, the state record in the 100 butterfly. I also feel that I could potentially win the backstroke this year which would be great. God willing.”

Do you feel a lot of pressure, if so, how do you deal with it?

  • “Not so much. The moment I worry about pressure is the moment I’m not swimming for the right reasons (i.e. Fun, health, goal accomplishment).”

Do you hope to swim after High School, if so, any plans or options?

  • “ I do hope to swim after high school. I hope to get into a college program and after that continue it as a routine activity for the rest of my life in order to stay in somewhat decent shape.”

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

  • “ Well, most people that know me know that I enjoy biking and kayaking.On the other hand I can’t roller-blade to save my life. Wish I could but sadly I’m terrible at it.”

Some of Alec’s favorite things…

Color: “The colour green is my favorite. Not just any green. The green of an oak-leaf bottom in midsummer.”

Food: “I’m always up for a chicken-broccoli casserole or a ranch based pizza twist.”

Movie: “I have to go along the lines of Independence day.”

Candy: “Don’t eat much of it. But would have to choose skittles.”

Song: “Biggest Man in Los Angeles” by Andy Grammer.

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