Hamilton vs TK Basketball Worth Price of Admission

HAMILTON, Mich. – The Hamilton Hawkeyes found themselves down 51-39 with just under three minutes remaining. To most the game was over, the busses were started and fans were headed for the exits, but the Hawkeyes had different plans. Hamilton fought all the way back, going on a 13-3 run in the final minutes, the ball in their posession with six seconds left. It had been a tough fight, through calls not going their way missed free throws and several clutch buckets the Hawkeyes found themselves in this situation: Down two with the ball in their hands and a chance to knock off a 5-0 Middleville team. The ball was inbounded to 6’7″ senior forward, Grant Wolfram. Wolfram took the ball up the court in just five strides splitting defenders and getting within the free throw line tossing his shot into the air as time expires. The shot was online as it hit the back board, clanking the rim and rolling out. After a incredible comeback, the game was over.

The Hawkeyes dropped to 4-2, their second straight loss in which they had fought back in the final minutes. While sitting in the hallway waiting for interviews, you couldn’t help but feel the emotion. As the players exited the team room, the attitude seemed to be a mixture of disappointment and shock. It had all happened so fast. When I asked Grant Wolfram about the comeback and resilience of the team, he said, “Coach got after us and we just had to play harder.” Wolfram was one of the players tasked with guarding star TK guard Tommy Hamilton. Hamilton averaged 25 points per game heading into the game, but the Hawkeyes were able to hold him to just 19 points and made him a non-factor late in the game as the Hawkeyes made their run.

Coach Haverdink talked to me about his team’s comeback saying, “We spent a large part of the third quarter and fourth quarter feeling sorry for ourselves, worried about the calls we weren’t getting and complaining about the calls we were getting, when we finally decided that we were going to play as hard as we could and forget about the calls and just worry about Hamilton, we were ok, and that enabled us to get back in the game.”

After another tough loss Hamilton will have to face Zeeland West on Friday in their second conference game of the year.  The Hawkeyes have showed a lot of perseverance throughout the season and will continue to finish games strong throughout the year. Hamilton is a team that you can never count out and it should be a fun rest of the year.

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