Sports Science: High Flying Senior Gerrit Eding

By: Keaton Mudd and Lucas Driesenga

Senior Gerrit Eding currently has the highest vertical in the high school. He has showed his athletic ability in both basketball and baseball. He is on his way to Saginaw Valley State University to play baseball; it is his number one sport as he excels here in the Hamilton program.  He is a very talented catcher which has brought interest from many college programs.

Talking to Gerrit about his college search, he explained his plans: “while on the college search I knew that my ultimate goal was to land on a baseball team somewhere in Michigan. I was looking at the NAIA and D2 level.” Gerrit narrowed down his possibilities down to Saginaw Valley, Hillsdale, Cornerstone, Aquinas, and Concordia of Ann Arbor. The one school that he felt the most comfortable at was Saginaw Valley. Gerrit is very excited for the upcoming baseball season this Spring, “we had an okay year last year, winning our conference was one of our goals, which we accomplished.” Eding said, “However we came up short in districts which was heartbreaking losing our second game. I think we have a lot of returners like Grant Wolfram, Brady Mudd and myself, this is our 3rd year on varsity. Us three know what it takes to be great, we are anticipating a big year.”Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 9.14.12 AM

The CHS Sports Science team evaluated his phenomenal 29-inch vertical jump.  We teamed up with Mr. Bochenek to closely look at his jump from a physics point of view.  We used software to calculate his acceleration to find the pounds of force he jumps off the ground with.  Gerrit pushes off the ground with an average 940.53 pounds of force to accelerate his 193.3 pound body off of the ground at an average of 9.05 mph. He lowers his center of mass from the ground to increase his time of acceleration to reach his maximum height.

The Covering Hawkeye Sports class is very excited for this Sports Science segment, this segment has made great strides. We look forward to evaluating other student athletes and bringing the aspect of physics to their athletic ability.

We asked Gerrit about the Sports Science feature, “I think what you guys are doing with the Sports Science theme is very cool.” Eding said, “combining the art of film and the science of physics is a cool thing to watch come together. I thought you guys did a great job.” The Covering Hawkeye Sports class is very excited for this sports science segment, this segment has made great strides and it looks like its going to be a great part of this class.


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