Zach Boeve Basketball Court fundraiser

Tonight during the boys and girls basketball home double-header against Byron Center, the SLC will be holding the Zach Boeve Memorial Basketball Court Fundraiser. They will be raising money through a wide-variety of different fundraisers.

During the boys game, they will be holding a fun night for the kiddos in the cafeteria. This fun night includes activities like ring toss, bucket toss, plinko, and face or nail painting. The games are $1 a piece, or $10 for unlimited activities.

For the adults, there will be donation buckets around the gym. They will also be a “dash for cash”, with student volunteers running up and down the stands to gather donations.

During the halftime 3 point shooting, all proceeds will go to the Memorial basketball Court Fund.

Kaitlyn Mieste and Cameron Everse will both be delivering speeches about the fundraiser.

We hope to see you all tonight in the Hamilton gym, for a night of fun and giving.


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