Room to Grow: A Record Breaking Sophmore

by Luke Driesenga

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Sophomore diver Nolan DeJonge in action earlier this season.

Nolan Dejonge, a sophomore at Hamilton High School, is currently a diver for the Varsity swim team.  Nolan has had a significant amount of success this swim season scoring  Nolan recently broke alumni Adam Littel’s record of 267 points. Andrew Fathmen, another Hamilton diver who broke the record the night Nolan broke the record, Nolan just scored more.  “Breaking the record is very exciting, I have never held a record before, I hope to hold it for a few years that would be nice, and hope for someone else to come along and break it!” Was Nolan’s response when I mentioned breaking the  record.  Littel graduated in 2013 leaving his legacy to a young class of talented divers.

Diving is all about lines and form. A dive is judged as much for aesthetics as for technical completion, with pointed toes, straight legs, and clean water entries making for better scores. An excellent diver will make an incredibly hard skill looks easy.  Diving has to do with transferring of energy with energy. Energy is transferred from the diver pressing the diving board down and the energy that is stored from the divers push is then shifted over into the diving board pushing the diver up into the air.

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DeJonge, who just set the school record last week, prefers a Fulcrum setting of 4.5.

Another factor of science is the fulcrum of a diving board. A fulcrum is a wheel that is located in the middle of the diving board that gives the board more or less bounce. The fulcrum rotates towards the end of the board by the spinning motion directed by the diver’s feet allowing for the board to have more or less bounce to Nolan’s specific dive. If the fulcrum is rotated towards the end of the board the diving board has more bounce and less resistance. With the weight of the diver and the positioning of the fulcrum it gives the diver momentum and the maximum amount of energy. Nolan’s preferred Fulcrum setting is 4 ½.

Nolan hopes he can qualify for state after conference which is being hosted by Hamilton. “I am very pumped for state this year if I can manage to make it. It will be a very fun experience and there will be a lot of great divers there! And the same goes for conference as well! I really started to love diving this year. I really started diving at my full potential and got really close to my teammates!”

Nolan is also pole vaulting this spring for his second year. The track season kicks off March 9.

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