Football Uniforms Featured by Wilson

By: Nate Dreyer

HAMILTON, Mich.- Last season the Hawkeyes football program unveiled a new look on the field, as they came out with both a new jersey and helmet for the varsity team. The ‘Digital-Camo” look and “HOPpE” shoulder logo were an instant hit among both the players, students, and community members alike.

The jerseys now are catching even more attention as Wilson’s Uniform Designer  has now begun featuring Hamilton’s jerseys on one of the main pages of the site. This, obviously, helps show even more the “cool” and “unique” look that the jerseys feature. This idea was furthered by linebacker John Dekkinga who stated “ It’s pretty cool that they chose our jerseys over all of the others that were available”.

Regardless, this can further help show the development of Hamilton’s football program. As, Wilson has helped the program be featured more prominently, now on a national level, and as an outline for other programs to follow.


Hamilton in Wilson Uni Builder